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Color touches our lives, our emotions, and our spirits every day. 

As a young girl I grew up watching my mother design and create jewelry and my father design and build rustic furniture. My mom reminds me of the first piece I helped me make when I was nine and how it is still a favorite of hers. Eventually I joined my parents retail stores as their interior designer in northern Minnesota. When my kids were grown I followed my first love and began my business of creating simple elegant jewelry using timeless colors and textures.  

Blue December, March truth, calmness, relaxation
Yellow November wisdom, energy, happiness
Red January, July passion, courage, confidence
Indigo September intuition, focus, strength
Violet February imagination, inspiration, healing
Orange November creativity, playfulness, curiosity
Green May, August life, balance, harmony
Pink June, October

love, peace, contentment

Brown stability, warmth, comfort
White  April purity, cleanliness, fresh beginnings